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The Carbon Dioxide Laser wavelength of 10.6 micrometers AFT stands for Advanced Fluorescent Technology. AFT Laser is the next generation of IPL laser treatment technology. This technology improves texture, tone, appearance and age spot removal of the skin with minimal downtime.

AFT uses low energy light to gently heat and reduce skin imperfections. This unique “Equal Distribution” technique, varies from a traditional IPL treatment. Most lasers only produce a single wavelength of light and limits on what they can effectively treat. AFT, however, emits a particular type of light, transmitting energy pulses over many wavelengths. This allows the light to penetrate the skin. Our unique spectrum filtering system eliminates hot spots. This allows the AFT treatment to produce a more powerful yet safe and effective universally regarded as best suited for soft tissue laser surgery, due to its excellent absorption by soft tissue for both cutting / ablation and coagulation / hemostasis on the margins of the cut / ablation.CO2 lasers have been proven to be the golden standard for intra-oral soft tissue application for decades
All Pro 1 Laser Aesthetic Devices are Health Canada or FDA Cleared