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The Carbon Dioxide Laser wavelength of 10.6 micrometers is universally regarded as best suited for soft tissue laser surgery, due to its excellent absorption by soft tissue for both cutting / ablation and coagulation / hemostasis on the margins of the cut / ablation.CO2 lasers have been proven to be the golden standard for intra-oral soft tissue application for decades

To Achieve Quick, Clean and Easy Surgery with Ceramic Cutting Tips

We provide versatile, low cost disposable ceramic tips to focus and deliver the laser beam to the target tissue. Those tips provide consistent energy delivery with extreme durability.

200 μm Spot size tip

100 mm length

The very small spot size produced by this tip provides for high precision ablation and cutting.


400 μm Spot size tip

10 mm length

The general purpose tips are for wide variety of applications including incision achievingexcellent hemostasis.

600 μm Spot size tip

10 mm length

The general-purpose tips are for wide variety of applications, incision, excision & ablation while achieving excellent hemostasis.

Why a CO2 Laser?

The CO2 laser wavelength (10,600nm) has an absorption / penetration depth of 0.01mm in water, which enables high precision when removing tissue and provides for sufficient hemostasis. The CO2 laser is the best practical soft tissue surgical laser that uses the laser beam directly and easily to cut, ablate and photothermally coagulate the soft tissue and in addition has a shallow depth of penetration into soft tissue.

Advantage od CO2 Laser

All Pro 1 Laser Aesthetic Devices are Health Canada or FDA Cleared