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Red light is designed for photodynamic therapy applications. Possessing an impressive penetration depth of 1.6mm, it facilitates cellular recycling and augments oxygen levels in the bloodstream. This activation of cells optimizes energy utilization, fosters collagen growth, and mitigates wrinkle appearance. It’s a potent solution for addressing age-related skin concerns, alleviating skin tension, offering pain mitigation, and amplifying the uptake of skincare formulations.

How does it work?

ProMax LED uses the properties of visible light at 7 different wavelengths to treat a wide range of conditions without causing damage or discomfort. The light emitted by the lamp is absorbed by a specific chromophore to generate the desired therapeutic response depending on the problem being addressed. The controlled heating produced by the light provides the cells with new energy and activates the regenerating and repair mechanisms to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage, treat acne, and diminish redness, among others. 

Blue light is specifically tailored for acne management. With a notable penetration depth of 1mm, it effectively targets and eradicates bacteria, paving the way for clearer skin. Additionally, it fosters cellular activation, accelerates injury recuperation, and diminishes inflammation and scar visibility.
Green light is employed primarily for addressing skin hyperpigmentation and reducing redness, as it targets melanocytes effectively. Additionally, its calming properties have been associated with mood stabilization and stress reduction. There’s emerging evidence of its efficacy in mitigating migraine frequency and intensity. Moreover, its gentle nature on the eyes makes it a preferred choice in specific scenarios, and its unique absorption properties aid in visualizing veins during certain medical procedures.
Green light is uniquely tailored for managing skin hyperpigmentation and diminishing redness due to its targeted interaction with melanocytes. Beyond this, it aids in the reduction of melanin cells, adjusts skin gland function, and helps balance oily skin. Its calming properties not only show promise in reducing the frequency and severity of migraines but also play a vital role in relieving mental stress.

Purple light therapy ingeniously manipulates wavelengths to offer a multipurpose treatment, merging the strengths of both red and blue lights. The red component excels in reducing fine lines and wrinkles resulting in a smoother complexion. Concurrently, the blue light focuses on treating acne, inflammation, and scarring. This dual-action makes purple light an exceptional choice for those seeking comprehensive skin rejuvenation, from addressing skin imperfections to achieving a refined complexion.
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The panel can lay completely flat to cover larger areas like the back

Achieve a treatment area of 67.5 cm x 34 cm

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It can bend inwards to curve and reach every side of the face

This allows for more event dispersed treatments on areas like the face, stomach and legs.

The panel can lay completely flat to cover larger areas like the back

Achieve a treatment area of 67.5 cm x 34 cm.

It can bend inwards to curve and reach every side of the face

This allows for more event dispersed treatments on areas like the face, stomach and legs.

Yellow light therapy operates at specific wavelengths known for their therapeutic effects on the skin. It’s primarily recognized for its ability to stimulate the lymphatic system, which can lead to detoxification and reduction of skin redness. Moreover, yellow light is adept at promoting collagen production, resulting in enhanced skin elasticity. Concurrently, it’s effective in treating symptoms of rosacea, sunburn, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Its non-invasive nature makes yellow light an integral choice for those aiming for skin restoration and a reduction in redness and irritation, leading to a healthier, rejuvenated complexion
Cyan light therapy, utilizing specific wavelengths, is recognized for its calming and soothing properties on the skin. It effectively alleviates inflammation and reduces the size of swollen capillaries, leading to diminished redness. Furthermore, its therapeutic effects extend to enhancing the skin’s healing process, especially in cases of sunburn or other mild skin irritations. For those prioritizing skin recovery and relief from inflammation, cyan light emerges as a potent, non-invasive solution.

The LumiMax LED in action

It’s one thing to see a photo of our machines, but it’s another to see them live and in action.


7 different wavelengths

Utilizes the properties of blue, red, green, yellow, violet, cyan and white light to effectively treat a wide range of conditions, such as: aging, acne, redness, scars, pain, skin laxity and much more.

Multiple language selection

With the press of a button, you can choose your preferred language English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.


No UV rays

The LumiMax does not have UV rays, therefore, it has no damaging effects on the skin. Its high intensity biomedical light is completely safe, and does not produce thermal wounds, pain, or side effects.


Articulated light panel

Its innovative LED light ergonomic panel bends to accommodate to different parts of the body. This allows to optimize energy absorption for faster, more visible results in both facial end body treatments.


Safe and risk-free for every skin type

The LumiMax treats all skin types and colors in a completely safe manner, eliminating the risk of skin burns and offering amazing results without the need for surgeries, aftercare or recovery time.


Hands free treatments

Once the parameters have been set, the LumiMax ‘s advanced light panel will perform the treatment on its own. The operator does not need to be present during the entire procedure, allowing you to save money on operation costs.


Short treatments

Its advanced technology achieves deep, visible results in an incredibly short time, significantly improving skin texture and appearance in just 20 minutes per session.


Maximum power

The LumiMax extra luminous diodes make it the most powerful and effective system in its category, achieving incredible results in less time than conventional devices.


Easy operation and maintenance

Its modern user-friendly software allows you to navigate smoothly throughout the treatment parameter menu ensuring easy operation, while the maintenance is also conveniently simple.


Modern touchscreen

Its 10” digital color screen is very easy to use thanks to its practical size and user-friendly interface, allowing the specialist quick access to different treatment programs. The screen can also be adjusted to a 45 ° angle for optimal visualization., while the touchscreen panel can be easily operated with one simple swipe. Its menu is easy to navigate and guides the specialist throughout each step of the procedure, maximizing treatment efficiency and allowing him/her to focus on the patient.


Low operation costs

Its high-performance lamps last up to 10,000 hours, significantly reducing replacement costs. Also, the device does not require the use of consumables, which keeps operation costs low and increases profit margins.


Advanced customizable software

Its advanced software allows to set treatment protocols according to the specific requirements of each patient. The operator can also choose from 7 different wavelengths and multiple work modes to offer highly personalized treatments and maximize the procedure’s therapeutic effect. Also, an automatic save option offers maximum convenience by allowing the specialist to save the selected settings for future use.


All Pro 1 Laser Aesthetic Devices are Health Canada or FDA Cleared